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How to remove the Convertize Branding?

The Convertize Branding

The primary Convertize branding is a small graphic that appears at the bottom left of your website and the optimisation platform when you are subscribed to a “Free” plan, which is limited to 30 000 visitors per month. Users who are subscribed to the “Solo”, “Team” and “Agency” plans do not see this branding. You can see the different Convertize plans on our Pricing page.

The “Optimised by Convertize” element appears in transparent and grey on the pages of your website that contain the Convertize pixel at the bottom left hand corner. When users click on it, they will land on the Convertize website.


In order not to see this logo anymore, you will have to upgrade to another plan.

The Convertize Branding on the Notifications

Persuasive Notifications on both the paid and free plans by default will have ‘Verified by Convertize’ in small text on the bottom right of the notification as shown below:

persuasive notifications - branding Convertize

These will appear on notifications based on Scarcity, Urgency and Social Proof. They will also appear on custom notifications that use standard variables that you can find on the Persuasive Notifications Workspace.

The branding is intended to assure visitors to your website that the data displayed is accurate.

How to remove the Convertize Branding?

Once logged in to the Convertize platform, users on a paid plan can switch off the branding by selecting ‘Options’ in the Smart Editor and navigating to the ‘Notifications’ tab. As shown in the image below, you will see a toggle which allows you to easily switch the branding on or off. Note that whenever you switch the “Notifications branding” off, it will remove the Convertize branding on the notifications, if you activated any.

Notifications Options - Convertize Branding

If you are a on a paid plan and downgrade to a Free account, the branding will be automatically switched on again.