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The Convertize Pixel loads synchronously, Let’s see why

There are two different ways to load scripts in AB testing. Let’s see what is the difference between an AB testing Pixel loading synchronously and a AB testing pixel loading asynchronously. Then I will explain you why our Convertize Pixel Loads Synchronously by default.

Pixel Loading Asynchronously

It means that some scripts are loaded simultaneously. The advantage of having a Pixel Loading Asynchronously is that it does not slow down the page, but it can cause a flickering effect in which the user might see the original page before the variation page.

Pixel Loading synchronously

It means that the scripts are loaded sequentially.

The Convertize Pixel Loads Synchronously

The Convertize pixel loads synchronously in order to ensure the best user experience possible by making sure there’s no flickering effect.

By default the Pixel Loads Synchronously, you can also make a change in the script in order to make the Convertize pixel asynchronous.

NB: Tag Managers do not support synchronous loading scripts. This is why using a Tag Manager to implement Convertize pixel will not give the best user experience.