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How to do A/B Testing on Shopify using Convertize

Convertize allows you to run A/B Testing experiments on Shopify but simply installing our A/B Testing pixel for Shopify.

How to install Convertize A/B Testing plugin on Shopify

You can use Convertize with a Shopify website if you install the Convertize pixel on the HTML code of the website. You can follow the steps below to install it:

1- Copy the Convertize pixel (code) from the Convertize admin.

2- Log into your Shopify account.

2- Click on Online Store.

4- Click on Themes.

5- Click on the ‘Actions’ on the top right and choose ‘Edit Code’.


6- Under Layout file select theme.liquid.

7- Scroll down the page until you find the following tag: .

8- Paste the Convertize pixel just before this tag and click ‘Save’.

9- Then click on Settings, at the bottom left of your screen.

8- Click on Checkout.

9- Scroll down until you reach the “Additional Scripts” box.

10- Paste the Convertize pixel here as well and click ‘Save’.

11- The Convertize pixel is installed.

Please note that Shopify only allows external scripts on the storefront and “order confirmation” pages. Therefore, it will not track the checkout.

NB: If you already have the Convertize pixel in place, please check if it is still in place after undergoing major design changes on your website.