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What is Smart CR?

What is Smart CR?

Smart CR is the metric we use to calculate which variation of a page is best.

During an experiment, Autopilot manages the proportion of traffic allocated to each variation (A or B). This maximises your conversions by reducing the traffic allocated to an underperforming page. To judge how a variation is performing, Autopilot calculates the Smart CR.

Rather than the total Conversion Rate (CR), the Smart Conversion Rate (Smart CR) gives more weight to recent conversions. That means the Autopilot can respond more quickly to sudden changes in a page’s performance.

How Does The Autopilot Use Smart CR?

Suppose an experiment starts with an even traffic split.

  • A – 50%
  • B – 50%

After a while, version B experiences a sharp drop in conversions. The Smart CR will show this dip immediately.

The Autopilot will adjust the traffic allocation automatically, sending fewer visitors to the underperforming variation.

  • A – 70%
  • B – 30%

If version B begins to convert more frequently, the traffic will be adjusted once again, returning to a more even traffic split.

  • A – 55%
  • B – 45%