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How to edit the HTML of a specific element

You can edit the HTML code of any elements on Convertize. For this example, we are going to take the landing page of Google and edit the HTML of the element “Gmail”.

You can access the HTML code from the editing room in the “Advanced” option when you click on elements, as shown below.

If you only select the element by itself, you will not be able to modify the first and last line of the HTML code. In the image below, you will not be able to modify the “href” of the element for instance because it is part of the first line.

In the example below, we have selected a larger element in which the “Gmail” element is part of. You can now edit the “href” because it is part of the second line of the HTML code and not in the first or last line.


Please note that the original HTML code of your website will never be changed, regardless of the modification made from Convertize. These modifications are only displayed on your website through the Convertize pixel (tracking code) that you installed in the original HTML code.