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How to use the Persuasive Notifications Workspace

As soon as you have loaded your website, and chosen your type of page, the SmartPlugins will appear in the middle left side of the tool. You will find the Persuasive Notifications SmartPlugin™ there.

Simply drag and drop the SmartPlugin™ anywhere on the page to use the feature. Once you have dropped the plugin, select ‘Complete Installation’ as shown below to arrive at the Persuasive Notifications Workspace.

Once you arrive at the Persuasive Notifications Workspace, you will see a list of notifications. At the top, you may see ‘Recommended notifications’. These are based on a psychological principle: for more information on the principles behind our notifications and tactics, click here. The two in the image below are indicated as being based on Scarcity and Urgency.

Convertize - Persuasive Notifications Workspace

The notifications you see are optimised depending on the Industry and Page Type you select when defining your experiment.  As you can see, to the right of each notification is a toggle that you can turn green or grey to activate or disable each notification.

At the bottom of the list you will see the ‘Add New’ button, which will allow you to create a completely customised notification of your own. To edit existing notifications, move your cursor over one and select the green ‘Edit’ option that becomes visible (as seen below).

Convertize - Persuasive Notifications Workspace

Customising Notifications

The notification editor shown in the image below has the following options for customisation:

  • Icon: allowing you to select an icon to display.
  • Bold/Italics/Underline/Change colour: these all work like a conventional text editor, and you can use a HTML colour code to add a custom text colour.
  • Insert link/Remove link

You can also add dynamic values to the plugins, as indicated by the {stock_qty} value below. Please see our dedicated documentation page on this.

Once you have finished customising your notification, click ‘Save and close’ to see a preview of how it will look in the Workspace.

Persuasive Notifications Editor

If you want to see how the notifications will appear on the page you are editing, select the ‘Preview’ option as shown below and a new window will open showing this.

Persuasive Notifications Workspace preview

Alternatively, select ‘Save and close’ to return to the SmartEditor. To return to the Workspace, click on the notification and select ‘Edit’ from the menu.

How do I make the notification style match my page?

If you want to alter the style of all of the notifications at once, select ‘Options’ in the bottom left of the Smart Editor and navigate to the ‘Notifications’ tab.

Here you can alter the theme, timer colour, and the position you want the notifications to appear. Please ensure you click ‘Save and close’ to ensure any changes you make are applied.

Follow the links to see how the Scarcity and Urgency notifications are programmed to appear.