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How to install Convertize with any CMS

Install Convertize with any CMS

Convertize can be used with almost any website, regardless of whether or not it is managed using a CMS (Content Management System). Here, we will explain how to Install Convertize with any CMS.

There is only one requirement to be able to use Convertize. You need to be able to access and edit the HTML code. With access to this code, you can easily add the Convertize Pixel (a simple tracking script) in order to apply the modifications made within your Convertize workspace.

Simply paste the Convertize pixel into the head element (before the closing tag </head>) on each page of the website you wish to optimise. Adding this line of code will not affect the performance of your website.

After adding the Convertize Pixel, you can apply and launch tests at any time.

N.B. This simple set of instructions can be applied to CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, MODX, and more.