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What is the visitor counting rule?

When you apply Scarcity notifications to a page, the platform will track the number of visits to that page. It then displays the number of people who have visited within a certain time period.

For a more detailed explanation of how the Scarcity notifications work, see this page.

By default, the platform will count all visitors to the page, regardless of how they arrived there.

For example, if you have applied Scarcity notifications to a page with the following URL: www.yourwebsite.com/product1

The Scarcity notification will count visitors from each of:

  • www.yourwebsite.com/product1
  • www.yourwebsite.com/product1?utm_source=mailchimp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=promo13
  • www.yourwebsite.com/product1?utm_source=facebook

All traffic landing on a page contributes to the value displayed on the Scarcity notification.

Count query parameters separately

If you would like each visitor to be counted according to their parameters (usually the link they clicked on to arrive there), tick the box titled ‘Count query parameters separately’ in the Scarcity notification setup.